SalesDev.Global helps founders and team members at B2B startups who want to accelerate their success with customers, products and revenue. If you want to develop a repeatable sales process for your new product, you will find coaching, training and support here.

The courses on SalesDev.Global were first developed to help B2B tech startups at Silicon Valley accelerators. More than 600 startups have successfully used the SalesDev.Global training courses and participated in live and online events.

Someone recently said, "Business buyers don't follow the Kardashians." The real difference is that everyone in business has a boss who watches the money. B2B buyers evaluate purchases against internal requirements and budgets to make their decisions. And while those decisions aren't always rational, the boss still approves them. SalesDev.Global teaches you how to find, meet and develop the productive customer relationships that lead to profitable sales.

The founders and moderators of SalesDev.Global are engineers who have spent their careers selling tech in Silicon Valley. We've sold cloud infrastructure, SaaS, semiconductors, CAD/CAM/CAE, semi equipment, metrology and more. 

Start following the courses and working the exercises. Post a specific question on the forum, and watch some of the weekly webinars. Then go live at a Q&A or coaching session. We'll see you there!

Sales training classes are great, until they're over. SalesDev.Global is a 24/7/365 coaching, training and support community where you can get help for any customer situation.

A weekly private coaching session follows this general outline: 

  1. Objectives: Review your objectives and make any adjustments.
  2. Customer/Sales Update: Update your coach on your most recent customer activity, focusing on what you learned about customer problems and how well your product addresses those.
  3. Working Session: You and your coach work together on your current objectives.
  4. Set Weekly Goals: You and your coach agree on goals for the next session, usually involving customer contact.

You may bring as many team members as you wish. Coaching sessions work best with 1-3 active participants, plus as many observers as you want. You may record sessions for later review (SalesDev.Global does not record your private sessions).

SalesDev.Global has taught startups in Asia, Europe and throughout North America. If you need help meeting B2B buyers, discovering their needs, validating your ideas and selling your product, you've found the right place!

In 2020, so does everyone else. We've enhanced our training on face-to-face sales with new lessons and exercises for meeting and selling by web conference (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Webex, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

That experience will serve you well. Did you also learn how all the other companies in your market see the problem? Do they all want the exact same solution, or have they built different environments and different processes? These are the details that differentiate breakout hits from moderately successful products and outright failures.

Absolutely! Think of this as "Lean Selling" (or as one member puts it, "SalesDev.Global is the sales plugin to Lean.") The focus here is step-by-step coaching and guidance for the customer side of your Lean startup.

The most important parts of SalesDev.Global are the live coaching and training, and the online community. We haven't figured out how to do that in a book.

You're not alone. Here on SalesDev.Global you'll learn how to: 

  • Validate the Pain customers feel without your solution 
  • Find the Sweet Spot, where customers need your solution and you can grow sales quickly
  • Identify the Hot Buttons that cause customers to make the purchase decision
  • Make your sales process repeatable

Congratulations on your progress! You are absolutely not too late. Your focus should be to clearly identify Customer Hot Buttons and create Killer Questions, in order to build a Repeatable Sales Process (RSP). Since you are already starting to forecast sales, it is crucial for you to create and validate a RSP as soon as possible to ensure the accuracy of those forecasts. 

A Repeatable Sales Process, or RSP, is what enables B2B startups to reliably develop the products that customers want to buy, then confidently forecast sales and grow their company once the product launches. An RSP starts with an in-depth understanding of customer pain and requirements, then uses those to drive product development and eventually create a reliable method for ramping sales.

Because the most important input to product specifications is customer requirements, which are all motivated by their pain. Don't worry if this is all new to you, just work your way through the Courses.

You can cancel anytime during the first 30 days and receive a full refund. If you cancel after 30 days, your membership will continue until the end of your billing period then shut down.

Yearly members may need to put their membership on hold when they get busy. Just contact us through your account Contact link, and we will put your membership on hold for up to six months with no penalty or additional fees. While your membership is on hold, you will not be able to schedule any Private coaching sessions, but you may access the site, participate in the Community and join Group coaching sessions.