Startup sales is hard. Startups selling to enterprises have the hardest job of all. Now you can get live sales coaching for your B2B startup.

SalesDev.Global can help you immediately if:

SalesDev.Global provides live coaching, in-depth sales training, and community support to B2B startups. It’s like having a VP of Sales on-call for the price of a daily cup of coffee.

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Have you ever wondered
where you will find customers?

If you sell tech products, you may wonder where you are going to find customers. The bad news: customers don’t wear signs on their backs. The good news: SalesDev.Global includes training and workshops on how to identify your Beachhead Market and how to connect with customers in that market. 

This is also one of the most common topics on the Weekly Q&A and the forums. Come ask how to reach your own target market!

Where to Find B2B Customers

Training for every stage of your
Startup Sales Journey

SalesDev.Global provides coaching, training and support for B2B startups. Now you can get all the answers you need to your most difficult sales situations. Everything you need to know is here, from validating your first napkin sketch, through testing your MVP, to launching sales.

SalesDev.Global Courses

How to design and test your MVP for enterprise accounts

The definition of an MVP is “The minimum experiment you can create to test your assumptions with customers.” While in some cases this experiment may make it into production, it is far more common that the experiments look nothing like the production product or service.

SalesDev.Global will guide you through the MVP process from planning, through design hacks, to testing with customers and designing the next iteration. Learn about designing MVPs, recruiting customers to test them, and running profitable PoCs and pilots.

Build & Test Your B2B MVP

What is your biggest customer issue?

As you build your product, customers ask for features, test your prototypes and negotiate for discounts. Along the way, many issues can block your progress: 

SalesDev.Global will coach you through these situations, giving you proven pro techniques you can use immediately. We’re a community of founders who love solving customer problems and growing companies.

B2B startup dashboard


“Most founders are product focused. They don't understand and often have no experience with customers. While there's nothing as hard as actually getting an order from a customer, it's usually easy to get their early opinion. Everybody loves to give advice.

“SalesDev.Global has the right approach. They teach founders how to get in front of customers to get that early opinion. When the product finally comes it will be the product that the customer wanted. It then becomes a lot easier to close the deal. But it will still be hard!!”
John East
Former CEO, Actel
“SalesDev.Global delivered two half-day workshops for our portfolio company CEOs. Both workshops were extremely well received. Semiconductor startup founders are typically strong on technology but weak on sales and marketing. Dave’s workshops showed them how to get in front of customers early and often. The whole experience was extremely relevant for the high-tech markets our companies serve. The sessions were highly interactive and the consensus from the CEOs and Silicon Catalyst team in attendance is that it was a valuable training experience.”
Pete Rodriguez
CEO, Silicon Catalyst
“My company was getting ready to pivot. We needed help to focus the whole team on new priorities and new customers. I hired Dave to run a SalesDev workshop for us in Boston. Dave brought audio interviews with customers to the workshop. Together, our team analyzed what the customers said, which was really valuable. We were able to create a viable strategy in just two days. It can be really hard to get a team of over-achievers pointed in the same direction, but Dave did it with the SalesDev workshop and particularly the customer feedback. He's been a great advisor ever since.”
Ramses Alcaide, PhD
CEO, Neurable
“We manufacture semiconductor metrology tools. Selling them is difficult because the target market requires us to reach to a small number of technical people within very large companies.

SalesDev.Global has helped us with every aspect of reaching that market, from messaging to outbound campaigns that have opened the doors at major accounts. They even created a product video to use during the campaign. I’m happy to recommend them to any deep-technology company.”
Bulent Basol, PhD
CEO, Active Layer Parametrics


You’re not alone. Here on SalesDev.Global you’ll learn how to: 

  • Validate the Pain customers feel without your solution 
  • Find the Sweet Spot, where customers need your solution and you can grow sales quickly
  • Identify the Hot Buttons that cause customers to make the purchase decision
  • Make your sales process repeatable

Sales training classes are great, until they’re over. SalesDev.Global is a 24/7/365 coaching, training and support community where you can get help for any customer situation.

If you have chosen a specific sales methodology like Solution Selling or Challenger Selling, you will find that SalesDev.Global integrates well and gives you powerful insight into customer pain and requirements.

SalesDev.Global includes weekly training and coaching sessions for all members. Private sessions are available in the Private Coaching tier. Many startup accelerators also offer private coaching on SalesDev.Global to their portfolio firms, check with your accelerator staff to learn more.

The founders and moderators of SalesDev.Global are engineers who have spent their careers selling tech in Silicon Valley. We’ve sold cloud infrastructure, SaaS, semiconductors, CAD/CAM/CAE, semi equipment, instruments and more. 

Technology buyers look for these attributes from their solution providers:

  • Clear understanding of the problem
  • Credible and robust solution
  • A complete solution, or a roadmap to get there
  • Measurable ROI

SalesDev.Global will help you demonstrate to customers that your startup has all four.

SalesDev.Global has taught startups in Asia, Europe and throughout North America. If you need help meeting B2B buyers, discovering their needs, validating your ideas and selling your product, you’ve found the right place!

In 2020, so does everyone else. We’ve enhanced our training on face-to-face sales with new lessons and exercises for meeting and selling by web conference (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Webex, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

Yes! The workshops, training and exercises here were originally developed as sales curriculum for Silicon Valley startup accelerators. Ask your accelerator to contact us to enroll all the companies in their portfolio. 

Sales is hard. B2B sales is harder.
Get the sales coaching and support you need NOW!

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