Think Different

In the lesson How to Cut a 30 Minute Demo to 3 Minutes, you learned the techniques for focusing demos on the audience’s Hot Buttons. Steve Jobs made good use of this lesson later in his career.

Here’s a nine-page Apple Lisa ad from 1983:

Apple Lisa Ad 1983

The text is classic 1980s technobabble:

Its hardware alone makes it the most powerful personal computer available: 32/16-bit MC68000 microprocessor. 364 × 720 bit-map display. 1-Megabyte of internal memory. Dual 860-K disk drives plus a 5-Megabyte ProFile™ hard disk.

Jobs left Apple in 1985, then returned in 1997. Here’s the campaign that he ran upon returning (1 page, 2 words):

Apple Think Different Ad

You may have seen the Apple Think Different television commercial with voiceover by Richard Dreyfuss. Here’s the version narrated by Steve Jobs himself: