The New SPAM

The New SPAM

Now that everybody is a member of LinkedIn and has access to millions of business contacts, a whole new generation of SPAM has appeared. Millions of SPAM messages now appear on LinkedIn daily. This is unfortunate, because professionals participate on LinkedIn in order to facilitate communication, not to receive even more junk mail.

Take a look:

generic LinkedIn SPAM

Do you notice any patterns?

  • “I hope…” and “I have…” and “I wanted…” and “I would love…” and “I noticed..” and “I’d like…” all blur together into self-centered mud.
  • “A New EU-USA Venture…” might be of interest, but it’s so deeply buried in the mud that it is unlikely to get noticed.
  • The whole environment is…yucky.

What Can You Do?

LinkedIn is still a good source of individual executives at companies of interest. If you don’t want your startup’s messages lost in that same mud, check out these courses on SalesDev.Global:

This is also a frequent topic with rich discussion on the SalesDev.Global Forums.