Great Funding Pitches

The Launch Accelerator is one of the best for B2C startups that have some traction. Watch the Cohort 18 Demo Day from July 2020.

Why are these pitches so powerful?

  • Customers = credibility. All of the startups have revenue, in this case ranging from $100K-2M per year.
  • Real solutions to clear problems. Each startup (except perhaps the sneaker trading platform) demonstrated a viable, benefit-filled solution to an understandable problem.
  • Conformity is not a startup success metric! You will notice that these presentations do not follow the silly “10-slide pitch deck” formula. All of the pitches exceeded 30 slides and most made liberal use of video. The founders tell clear, powerful stories about their products, differentiation, customers and outcomes. Somehow they do it in three minutes!

Hopefully these pitches will inspire you to do even better with yours!