Do Hot Buttons Ever Change?

Kaspersky ThreatPost 2011

Look closely at the screenshot above, from the computer virus information site ThreatPost, published by antivirus software maker Kaspersky. The content is timely and relevant information about data breaches, phony SSL certificates and all manner of nasty malware. Notice the date: March 2011.

Here’s what ThreatPost looks like in 2020:

Kaspersky ThreatPost 2020

The first thing you notice is that the pages are more similar than different. Although created 9 years apart, both are filled with timely and detailed information about today’s security threats and the most recent malware attacks. This is not a coincidence.

Kaspersky Understands Hot Buttons

Kaspersky understands that when new sales prospects search for information about viruses, breaches and malware, their Hot Buttons are:

  • “We Need Mitigation Now”
  • “Help Us Stop This Attack”

Whether somebody has just gotten infected for the first time, or the 10th, their behavior is the same: They search for reliable information on the malware. Their only concern is to solve the immediate problem. ThreatPost addresses those Hot Buttons well, with timely information about today’s threats and how to mitigate them.