Stage 5 – Launch!

Course Overview:

Your first product is nearly complete. Soon it will be time for customers to put it to work!

If you’ve worked through the first four courses, you know that the selling started when you first validated your ideas with customers. They helped refine your understanding of the problem, and gave you critical feedback on your MVP(s). Now it’s evolve those relationships to revenue opportunities.


What Does “Launch” Mean?

Your launch is the point when you announce to the world, “Our company has a validated solution to your problem that delivers high ROI.” Let’s break that down.

  • “Our company” means you have the team and funding as well as the product to become a credible partner.
  • “validated solution” means you have testimonials from customers about your understanding of the problem and the power of your solution.
  • “your problem” means you are talking to the audience that recognizes the pain you solve. It is very expensive to waste breath on the rest of the world.
  • “delivers high ROI” means you can demonstrate how to measure the cost of their problem and the solution payback.

Many startups launch without one or more of these in place…some launch with just an algorithm or an idea. What happens when prospective customers ask Google to tell them about a startup and all they see is discussion of an algorithm? They decide to check back in a couple of years, then promptly forget. If you happen to meet them at some point, all they remember is your unproven algorithm.


Putting it All Together

SalesDev.Global helps you put everything together:

Launch componentDescription
Target company listIn How to Find Customers, you learned the importance of creating and growing your target customer list. Build Your List using LinkedIn and LeadIQ showed how to find companies and individuals in your Beachhead Market who are most likely to feel the pain you solve. Successful startups revisit this list building exercise frequently to keep up with change.
Clear messaging: website & videoIn Stage 4 Tell Your Story you learned how to tell your story on the web, in videos and in demos. At launch, customers need to be able to learn your story and contact you for more details.
Customer testimonialsYet another good reason to Test your MVP with customers-to get testimonials earlier.
Validated process for identifying painStage 2: Validate Your Plan leads you through the steps of validating your assumptions about the market, and how customers recognize value in your solution.
Killer Questions to uncover Hot ButtonsOnce you have confirmed the prospect has pain, Hot Buttons cause individuals to take action. Killer Questions uncover Hot Buttons. There is no magic formula for Killer Questions; everything depends on the situation at the prospect right now. This course shows you how to figure out Killer Questions for your solution and customers.


Time to Start Selling

Got all the pieces together? It’s time to go sell something. This course introduces the mechanics of sales activities to drive revenue. Come on in!