Stage 3 – Build & Test Your MVP

Course Overview:

three minimum viable product examples
It’s time to build something amazing and put it in front of customers. How do you decide what to build first, and where do you find customers to try it out?

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is platform to test how well your solution delights customers. That “platform” could take the form of an app prototype, hacked hardware, or 3D-printed test sample. Early lessons in this course give plenty of examples, ranging from SaaS to apps to hardware of every description. You’ll learn from these startup MVP success stories:

  • A static 3D image of a frog in lucite evolved into the world’s first 8K immersive 3D display
  • An email newsletter for investors became the worldwide nexus for angel funding
  • Autonomous lawn mowers hacked into a fleet of robotic evidence-recovery metal detectors

By the end of this course, you will know how to engage customers in the design and test of your MVP, and how to use what you learn to build a successful production product.


One More Role of MVPs

Elon Musk said,

Even though you can show that something works on paper, and the calculations are very clear, until you actually have the physical object and they can drive it, it doesn’t really sink in for people. If you are going to create a company, the first thing you should try to do is create a working prototype. Everything looks great on PowerPoint. You can make anything work on Powerpoint. But if you have an actual demonstration article, even if it is in primitive form, that is much, much more effective at convincing people.