Stage 2 – Validate Your Plan

Course Overview:

Missing by a little hurts!

You’ve identified a huge problem in a huge market. You have a great startup idea, and you’re ready to build a solution. Where do you start?

It’s never too early to engage with customers. In this course you’ll learn how to validate your solution starting with your first “napkin sketch” (assuming you had the idea at dinner and sketched it out on the back of a napkin!) You will learn:

  • Why it is so important to explore the problem you want to solve from many different angles (hint: because every company does things a bit differently)
  • The riskiest assumptions that startups make, and how to prove or disprove them
  • How to craft, refine and perfect your “elevator pitch” so it hits customer Hot Buttons

If you’re already a bit further along, or even getting ready to launch a product, you will still find the techniques in this course valuable. The sooner you validate your assumptions about customers, their problems and exactly how they want your product to work, the better!