Stage 1 – Start Your Journey Here!

Course Overview:

Welcome to your Startup Sales Journey. The premise on SalesDev.Global is simple: If you make this journey with customers, you are far more likely to succeed than if you travel alone. And if your solution is half as valuable as you think it is, customers will be happy to join you. Good products are always a win-win.


Your Goal: A Repeatable Sales Process

When you get ready to launch your product, you will invest in a sales team. To be successful, those sales professionals will need a Repeatable Sales Process that consists of:

  • A map to a Beachhead Market that has demonstrated their desire for your solution
  • Diagnostic tools to explore and measure Customer Pain and its business cost
  • Messaging to communicate your Value Proposition
  • A product that will deliver Fast Growth to deliver revenue and increase your valuation

This entire site is dedicated to helping you create your Repeatable Sales Process with as few detours as possible.


Your Journey Has Five Stages:

Long stairway of startup journey

Stage 1 — Start Your Journey Here: Elevator Pitches, Pain, Hot Buttons and Assumptions. You’ll be wrestling with these until your exit.

Stage 2 — Validate Your Plan: Meet prospective customers to get feedback on your ideas. Why? Because every customer has different, changing  requirements.

Stage 3 — Build & Test Your MVP: Your Minimum Viable Product is a test vehicle to confirm your assumptions with customers. Sometimes you sell it, other times you test and refine it, always with customer feedback.

Stage 4 — Tell Your Story: You’ll learn what parts of your story to tell on the web, in pitches, demos and videos, and how to do it fast in the few seconds before customers leave.

Stage 5 — Launch: Get successful and profitable fast in your Beachhead Market, and make customers happy and hungry for more.


Your Goal: Create a Repeatable Sales Process:

The goal of your entire journey has been to gather the data and build the product that enables you to create a Repeatable Sales Process, or RSP. When your entire team knows how to identify a customer’s Pain, extract unique Hot Buttons, demonstrate your high-value solution and move sales toward a rapid close, you have an RSP.


Startups Fail for Lack of Customers

You may hear that startups fail because of funding, staffing, product or timing issues. While you can find examples of all of those, lack of customers causes more startups to fail than any other cause.

If that seems obvious, then why does it continue to happen? Because engaging customers is hard, and hardest for technology startups developing B2B solutions.

SalesDev.Global helps B2B startups do that hard thing. You will get live coaching, hands-on training and tools to engage with customers all along your Startup Sales Journey, so that when the time comes, you will have developed a Repeatable Sales Process alongside your best-in-class product. Welcome to the Journey!