Centech Scheduling Page, Week of November 16

Hello Centech Propulsion companies,

During the week of November 16, we will work together in group sessions on different topics of your choice. Here’s how it will work: 

  • Sessions are available on three different topics: (details below)

Topic 1: Customer Discovery Questions (2 sessions)
Topic 2: The 3 Minute Demo (2 sessions
Topic 3: Presentation Rehearsal (1 session)

  • Three companies can present at each session. Friday is available for additional sessions. If one of the topics is very popular and both sessions fill up, we will schedule another session on that topic on Friday.
  • You may come to more than one session. If you do this, please participate in just one session. At the other sessions, remain an observer until the other participants finish, then you can participate if there is time.
  • If you would like to schedule a 30-minute private coaching session to solve a different problem, please reply to dave@bizdev.global with several available times and I will send you an invitation.

Here are more details for the three session topics: 

Topic 1–Customer Discovery Questions:

When you meet a new potential customer, your goal is to DISqualify them quickly, or qualify them and then discover their problems. In this session we will work on specific questions you can use for your target markets and products. Please refer to these two lessons on SalesDev.Global:

Sales Questions
Killer Questions Open the Door for Sales

To prepare for this session, create a short list of questions that you can ask a new company, to learn whether they understand and suffer from the problem you solve, and the cost of their problem.

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Topic 2–The 3 Minute Demo:

How to demonstrate just your most important solution/benefit, so that the customer recognizes the value of your solution and asks lots of questions. The meeting will go a lot longer than three minutes, but the three minute demo starts you off with a big win. Please refer to these lessons on SalesDev.Global:

How to Cut a 30 Minute Demo to 3 Minutes
The Three Demos

To prepare for this session, start with one or two questions you will ask to confirm the most important problem they want to solve. Next, demonstrate your solution and describe the benefit. 

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Topic 3–Presentation Rehearsal: 

This is an opportunity to practice your presentation for a different audience or situation. Want to present the results of a pilot program for senior management? Maybe a trade show demo, or a video demo? Please refer to these lessons on SalesDev.Global:

What is Messaging?
Create Your Problem-Solution Message

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