About SalesDev.Global

SalesDev.Global is a sales accelerator for B2B startups. Members receive live coaching, in-depth training and community resources created specifically to meet the challenges of B2B sales. All startup team members are welcome, with a special focus on the sales needs of startups in SaaS, Cloud, Semiconductor, Biotech, CAD/CAM/CAE, Telecom/Wireless, IoT and Robotics/Automation.

SalesDev.Global is sponsored by BizDev.Global, which has provided business development services to technology startups and growth firms since before the 2000 dot-com bust. The company’s principals are veteran Silicon Valley technology executives with over 80 cumulative years of experience and multiple startup exits. In 2014, the company began conducting sales and bizdev traning at tech startup accelerators. By 2018 more than 380 startups from multiple incubators and accelerators had validated their markets and launched sales using these training and resources. In 2019, the team began the arduous task of turning these successful interactive sessions, courses and case studies into an on-demand membership website. In 2020, SalesDev.Global was launched.

New for Members in 2020:

Programs for Accelerators

SalesDev.Global offers customized programs for startup accelerators:

All programs can be co-moderated by your leadership team or mentors. 

Dave Millman


Dave is CEO of BizDev.Global, which helps Silicon Valley startups to validate their markets and accelerate sales. For more than 30 years, he has guided successful launches for dozens of software, SaaS, semiconductor, CAD/CAM/CAE, hardware and telecom products. A popular faculty member at technology accelerators, Dave’s superpower is helping B2B startups to identify their sweet spot and launch sales fast. Dave did his undergraduate work in aeronautical and electrical engineering at MIT.​